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Revered For Men

Foot Powder

Foot Powder

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Your feet's best companion

Say goodbye to tired, achy feet and hello to a refreshing burst of energy with every use. Our carefully crafted formula absorbs moisture, relieves discomfort and leaving your feet feeling cool and dry all day long. Whether you're on the move or taking a moment to relax, let the crisp scent of peppermint uplift your senses while our powder works its magic, keeping your feet feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Step into comfort and confidence with our Men's Foot Powder - the perfect companion for every man's daily routine.


Natural blend of Baking Soda, Arrowroot Powder, Corn Starch, Kaolin Clay, Tapioca Starch, and Peppermint Essential Oil.

Packaged in a 2.8oz flip top container for easy use, this powder helps keep feet feeling dry, comfortable, and refreshed all day. 

How To Use

Cleanse: Ensure your feet are clean and dry before application.

Sprinkle: Lightly sprinkle the Foot Powder over your feet, focusing on areas prone to moisture.

Massage: Gently massage the powder into your skin for even coverage and a soothing sensation.

Enjoy Comfort: Revel in the long-lasting comfort and confidence that our Foot Powder provides throughout your busy day.


🌿 Vegan and Talc - Free

💨 Odor Control

🩹 Anti-Inflammatory Properties

🌞 Energizing Aroma

🌱 Natural Antifungal

💧 Moisture Balance

🌟 Non-Greasy Formula

  • Baking Soda acts as a natural deodorizer, effectively neutralizing odors and keeping your feet feeling fresh all day long.
  • Arrowroot Powder & Corn Starch powders help absorb excess moisture, preventing discomfort and maintaining a dry, comfortable environment for your feet.
  • Kaolin Clay gently detoxifies, drawing impurities away from the skin and promoting a healthy foot environment.
  • Tapioca Starch contributes to the powder's smooth texture, ensuring easy application and a soft feel on your skin.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil brings a natural cooling effect, soothing and revitalizing tired feet with its refreshing aroma.
  • Our commitment to being vegan-friendly and ensures a safe, talc-free experience for your well-being.
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